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Temporary Roofs

A temporary roof is usually used to create a weather protected covering for a building project. There are a variety of sheeting options for cladding a temporary roof including tin or zinc roofing sheets, (often referred to as ‘CI sheets’), temporary roofing ‘systems’ scaffolds or shrink wrap sheeting.

A controlled environment can mean different things. Sometimes it is simple as keeping a work area dry. Other times there may be more specific requirements for temperature or humidity control.

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Corrugated Tin

The traditional material used to cover a temporary roof scaffolding sheets of corrugated iron. Also sometimes known as tin sheets, putting a ‘tin hat’ over a construction project is often used.

After the scaffolding has been erected, sheets of corrugated iron are laid over the roof in an overlapped tile configuration and secured to the scaffolding beams beneath.

Haki System scaffolds

The HAKITEC 750 Roof System can be tailored to any structure and is lightweight, safe, fast and easy to erect, providing maximum protection against the elements or helping to contain hazardous materials.

• very effective weatherproof seal
• Safer - the HAKITEC 750 features totally safe erection methods using collective fall prevention
• Faster - up to five times faster to install than traditional structures
• Fewer components compared to other systems
• Lightweight, easy to handle
• Economical
• Reduces programme times
• Compatible with all types of scaffolding
• Can be moved quickly and easily
• Versatile - ridged, mono-pitch or polygonal roofs
• Adaptable to suit specific structures and requirements
• Equally effective for large or small spans.