2XL and Reunited in Partnership

Safety, reliability and providing people with confidence is essential in scaffolding. The same can be said for websites and having an online presence. Therefore, Bob Fidock of Reunited Scaffolding is delighted to announce the company has accepted 2XL Media Solutions as their media partner.

The search process has been a long and vigorous one, as there are certain things in business you cannot afford to take chances with. Whether you are asking professional scaffolders to work in all conditions and at all hours or need an online presence to be available and useful, you need to be confident in what you do whenever prospective customers look for you.

After a few meetings between Bob and Paul Slaney, the Managing Director of 2XL Media Solutions, Bob felt it was an easy decision.

Paul has a huge passion for connecting with firms and helping businesses connect with their audiences. Still, more importantly, he showed his company has a strong track record in customer satisfaction.

This is an outcome that Reunited Scaffolding are delighted to have achieved in their field, and it a mandatory for them when they work alongside other companies.

The two companies have already started work on the partnership, and there are many exciting features and new business developments to come over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, even for years to come!

Look forward to a new Reunited Scaffolding website

The first step in the partnership comes with the launch of a new Reunited Scaffolding website. 2XL Media Solutions have designed this site, and it set to launch in March 2021.

The site has been developed with users in mind and aims to be a site that is easy to navigate. Being found is essential for companies and their websites, and this is one of the leading reasons why Bob opted to partner with 2XL Media Solutions.

2XL is proud to offer “award-winning SEO services”, and the first aim is to ensure Reunited Scaffolding is on the front page when it comes to relevant terms on the four most prominent search engines in the world Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing.

Of course, if you are talking about an online presence today, you cannot overlook social media. 2XL Media Solutions is set to launch new-look social media campaigns for the scaffolding company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Be social this spring in the scaffolding sector

All industries need to have a social presence, but they must realise these platforms and accounts are not suitable for traditional selling or promotional activities. Social media sites require a new way of thinking, where engagement is key, precisely what 2XL Media Solutions will deliver for Reunited Scaffolding.

Customer satisfaction is crucial, and content lies at the heart of this. 2XL Media Solutions have also taken charge of all written content for Reunited, including news articles, email campaigns, website updates, and all other forms of communication.

2XL Media Solutions has also taken over the website's hosting, which is set for a new look. If you are a fan of scaffolding pictures or want the best views of what scaffolding is right for you, look out for the professionally-shot images coming to the website.

2XL Media Solutions are committed to undertaking quarterly shoots, ensuring there is fresh and informative content for all of Reunited Scaffolding’s social channels and website galleries. Customers demand visual content these days, and this is set to be a crucial part of Reunited Scaffolding’s communication channels from now on.

You can also look forward to impressive video footage, and Reunited look forward to offering vlogging updates very soon. If you want knowledgeable insight from construction sites and see scaffolding in use, you will love what is coming your way.

From March 2021, Reunited Scaffolding and 2XL Media Solutions bring you the very best in scaffolding content and services. Take a look at our partners site here www.solutions2XL.com.